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our partners

We simply could not accomplish what we do without our trusted network of skilled artisans, builders, designers, and tradespeople. Not only do our cross-industry friends make our work easier, but they continually inspire, teach, and humble us with their business savvy, technical expertise, and masterful creations. 

Simpson Door Company

Making doors  since 1912, this historic Washington-grown business has cultivated a reputation for excellence, boasting an extensive selection of finely crafted interior, exterior, and rail doors. Through their Artist Collection, they've built a legacy of collaboration, working with notable artists—such as founder Mark Olson—who have made  a lasting contribution to the fields of architecture, home, and building design.

Studio G3 Glass

For over twenty years, Studio G3 has specialized in creating custom-designed glass forms such as door panels, backsplashes, and countertops using a variety of innovative techniques in sandblasting, sandcarving, kiln-forming, and more. In their long-standing partnership, Studio G3 and Unique Art Glass have leveraged their combined expertise to create truly extraordinary work. 


Founded in 1991, 3form is the leading manufacturer of award-winning, sustainable building materials and architectural hardware solutions for the Architecture + Design industry. In an effort to support responsible building practices, Unique Art Glass has served as one of 3form's distributors—cutting, installing, and promoting their materials. 

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