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The Unique Art Glass team may be small, but we dream big. Not only are we passionate about creating and preserving art glass and its time-honored traditions, we're invested in sharing our knowledge and contributing to the impact art glass makes in the world. 

Mark Olson

Founder, Owner, & Principal Designer

As founder and principal designer at Unique Art Glass, Mark has spent the last several decades not just building his artisan business, but also cultivating its creative direction and developing mastery in a wide range of art glass methods and techniques. While those in the industry may readily identify the organic, meandering lines of a nature-inspired piece as the signature work of Mark Olson, this master had made his living by custom-designing and collaborating—building a staggeringly diverse body of work that showcases many different traditions, styles, and motifs.

Terre Olson

Account Manager & Director of Marketing

If Mark is the face of the business and the driving force of creativity, Terre is the glue that keeps the operation running smoothly and effectively in an evolving marketplace. She's worn many hats at Unique Art Glass, from her early days as resident bookkeeper to her current role as de facto co-owner—carrying out a wide range of business responsibilities as management logistics, client communications, financial accounting, quality review, networking, and marketing strategy. 

Zack Olson

Lead Fabricator & Proprietor-in-Training

As lead fabricator, Zack brings Unique Art Glass designs to life. Starting with a life-size pattern print out and upwards of a dozen sheets of custom-ordered glass, he sets to work expertly arranging, cutting, fitting, and soldering the glass in place—all the while working closely with Mark to ensure that the project's materials are stocked and the schedule stays on track. With nearly ten years of experience in Mark's custom-build methodology, Zack continues the Unique Art Glass legacy of precision craftsmanship. In addition to fabrication work, he's completed several college-level business and accounting courses to assist him in taking over the business operations for decades to come.

Michael (Mikey) Johnson


As a glazier, Michael carries out the final steps of the custom-build process, which includes cleaning, insulating, and installing the finished product on-site. He's also become involved with carrying out repair projects, an important part of the company's mission. Michael first began working for the company during several high-intensity projects in 2015,  and upon completion, continued to work in the glass trade. In 2018, Unique Art Glass was happy to welcome this meticulous, hardworking individual back to the team.

Julia (Jules) Smith

Freelance  Graphic  Designer

In 2018, Jules began working with Unique Art Glass to develop a cohesive look & feel for the company's branded assets, aiming to accurately imbue their rich history, character, culture, and mission into a new logo, website, and suite of printed materials. What started as a regular freelance gig soon became a passion project, as she came to know the incredible body of work created by this humble art glass family. 

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